Privacy Policy

BEACH FOREST LODGE PRIVACY NOTICE (The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

Beach Forest Lodge is committed to treating all client information in an ethical manner and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) provides the legal framework and requirements for this treatment. We care about the privacy, security and online safety of your personal information and take our responsibility to protect this information very seriously.

We are an exceptionally small establishment with only one administrative staff member who controls the processing of your personal information. We use an online booking management programme who are also both POPIA and PCI compliant, where servers and databases are protected and information is not shared. As per the guest identification requirements set down by the Immigration Act of 2002, from 2014 all accommodation establishments are required to keep registration documents containing details of all persons who are provided with lodging or sleeping accommodation.

The document must contain :
*Full names and Surname
*A copy of his or her identification document or passport
*His or her residence status in the Republic, and
*His or her normal residential address.

Beach Forest Lodge’s privacy practices are in accordance with all applicable Federal and Provincial laws and regulations.